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Assure Compliance With Our Various Services

Website and ‘Ask the Expert’ Service

This service allows you access to the subscription only resources on this website in addition to our exclusive ‘Ask the expert’ offering. You will have unlimited access to the website and unlimited access to our experts regarding any question that you may have. These questions may range from federal or state regulations, operational compliance questions, questions about the various materials you will have access to in this website or any specific question you want researched. You will find that our website contains model policies, procedures, training decks and tests, internal control testing and various governmental resources that will allow your CMP to be the best it can. If you can’t find something on the website that you need to know, we will do the research for you! All at no additional charge.

Keep this in mind. Signing up for Compliance Navigator will get you unlimited access to an attorney with over 20 years of experience as a Vice-President, General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer in the collection and consumer finance industries who is dedicated to making your Compliance Management Program the best it can be.

On-Site Training

Compliance Navigator can provide customized training to your staff on-site! The prices for this engagement will vary depending on the scope of the project and where it is located. Call us to discuss!

On-Site Compliance Risk Assessment

Are you facing a regulatory agency examination or audit and may be nervous as to how you agency will do? Do you want to know how strong your current compliance management program currently is? Do you want to cut down on the number of nuisance lawsuits you must deal with every day? Have Compliance Navigator conduct an End-to-End Compliance Risk Assessment. Using a proprietary Risk Assessment designed to pass each point of review from the CFPB’s examination manual, Compliance Navigator will review your internal controls and make a determination of how strong or weak they are and provide a report that will allow you to strengthen the controls you have and create new controls for those areas that are deficient. The price for this engagement will vary depending on the scope of the project and where it is located. Call us to discuss!

On-Site Testing

Having good compliance policies, procedures and training is not good enough. Your internal controls must be continuously tested to ensure that the policies and procedures that you have in place are actually being carried out by your agency’s personnel. The only thing worse that not having any written polices or procedures at all, is having them and not following them. Our experts will review your company’s adherence to your policies and procedures through customized on-site testing. Regulatory agencies want to see proof of testing to ensure that your agency does what they say they do. The price for this engagement will vary depending on the scope of the project and where it is located. Call us to discuss!

Total Compliance Risk Management Program

This is designed for the agency that wants to turn over their Compliance duties over to an expert. Compliance Navigator will be your off-site Compliance Department. We will create your compliance policies and procedures based on your operations, we will chair your compliance committee and conduct regular compliance committee meetings. We will conduct an annual risk assessment and conduct periodic compliance testing of you internal controls. We will be there to manage any regulatory examination or audit that your agency may be subject to. Access to the website and the ‘Ask and Expert’ service is included in this program. The price for this service will vary based on the scope and size of your business and where it is located. Call us to discuss!